Steel Sheets Cross-cutting and Slitting

straigthening line

Intercom Group Ltd. has modern equipment for straightening and cross-wise cutting of flat steel with high capacity, which allows the satisfaction of clients’ demands in timely manner as well as fast reaction in cases when urgent orders are placed.

The company is an owner of the only cross-wise cutting machine in Bulgaria, capable of working with a maximum width of 2500 mm. which allows the realization of specific client assignments.


Capacity of the machines for straightening and cross-wise cutting


Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Thickness (mm)

from 6 дto 16*

up to 2

from 0.5 to 6

Width of the coil (mm)

up to 2500

up to 1550


Mass of the coil (tons)

up to 20

up to 16

up to 15

Max. lenght of the item (mm)




Capacity (m/min)

up to 10

up to 20

up to 10

*for widths up to 2000 mm - thickness of the material is up to 20 mm, for widths of 800 mm up to 26 mm

Automated slitting line for hot and cold rolled steel sheets

Thickness (mm)

from 0.5 to 4 

Coil width (mm)

up to 1250

Inner diameter of the coil (mm)

more than 500

Max. mass of the coil (tons)


Capacity (tons/h)